• macwiseman

    Hangin’ With Mac

    When I was a young kid in the late 1940s, a local radio station, WSVA-AM, aired live country music d...

  • shapenotesinging

    Singing In The Glen

    Not long ago, I had the sad mission of attending the graveside service for the husband of a friend. ...

  • doylelawson

    Bluegrass Music Icon Doyle Lawson

    I got the chance to speak with Doyle Lawson nearly 10 years ago. As we settled in again for a quick ...

  • bradhudson

    Brad Hudson

    Brad Hudson began singing and playing music when he was just three years old. The Raleigh, North Car...

  • kimrobins

    Kim Robins

    Kim Robins brings a unique blend of hardcore traditional and progressive sounds to her brand of blue...

  • carolinablue

    Carolina Blue

    Brevard, North Carolina is home to bluegrass band, Carolina Blue. The band was formed in 2007 after ...

  • whilewildskies

    While Wild Skies

    Where folk, rock and Americana meet, that’s where you’ll find this Chicago based collaborative of mu...

  • ontheroad

    On The Road With Mike Aiken

    ‘On the Road’ articles can be metaphorical or plain old reality. Let’s talk about the reality of bei...

  • WilsonPickin

    Making The Connection

    Have you ever wondered how your favorite act magically wound up appearing at the local theater Frida...

  • simpletruths

    Simple Truths In Life and Music

    Don Brown has spent the better part of his career doing what he calls, “helping people with people.”...

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Artie Tobia

New York is home for singer/songwriter Artie Tobia. The Hudson Valley press said Artie’s musical ...

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