About Us

Launched by publisher, Greg Tutwiler, in August of 2005, Americana Rhythm Music Magazine’s mission is simple: gathering into one place, Americana music, musicians, and music culture. And it has become a widely popular regional/national Americana music magazine. Our bi-monthly magazine in print form reaches up to 7,500 readers all across the eastern region, and our digital version reaches up to 29,000.

Features include musicians, bands, festivals, icons, venues, historic moments, cultural events, and the Americana way of life when it comes to music. Americana music incorporates Bluegrass, New Grass, Folk, Mountain, String, Jam Band, Alt. Country, Old Time, Roots, and Blues styles. Read and subscribe to the print or digital version.

What is Americana Music you might ask? It’s a really big umbrella that covers almost anything that goes against the main stream music genre’. However, for our purposes we feature Bluegrass, Folk, Alt. Country, Blues, String, Old Time, Mountain, Jam Bands, Mountain Soul, New Grass, and the like.