Monthly Archives: January 2019

Married To The Music

Marriage is not only marrying the right partner, but also being the right partner, it’s been said. Many of the 60.8 million pairs of married couples in the United States may wonder what that means, especially for those couples whose circumstances require frequent travel. Here, three well-known professionals in the bluegrass music industry discuss precisely what that means. They reveal ...

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Music To Wolves

Stepping away from music-industry nuts and bolts this time, I plan to share some of the interesting characters we met on my recent tour in Europe. Each gig brought note-worthy characters as well as good connections for future bookings. We began in Nancy, France, near where my cousins live, and about 1.5 hours from where my mother was born and ...

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Seedlings And Soundlings

I’ve grown up around music. It was my second language spoken in my household as a child. And I learned it much as native-born children of immigrant families do – orally and aurally. I heard the sounds and the relationships. Sure, I learned to interpret pictures of chord shapes on the guitar, and scribbled out song lyrics and place the ...

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The Quixote Project

The Quixote Project, while steeped in traditional genres, looks to blur the lines of modern music from a roots music foundation. The New Jersey based collaboration was started by Jeff Selby and fueled by a revolving cast of musicians. “They have distilled multi-genre sounds of a beachfront music festival into a remarkably cohesive live set,” said Dave Fox of Music ...

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