Monthly Archives: March 2022

Colin Hay; Still At Work

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, through my student life years, I’m quite partial to the music of that era. I spent my first two years of college in 1983 and 1984 in a small college in North Carolina. My freshman year especially, was quite profound and exciting. It was the early days of MTV, and we still listened ...

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Kevin Slick; Coming Home

Coming Home, the new album by Kevin Slick, which was recorded over several years, is a collection of songs drawing from the folk, singer-songwriter and Americana traditions. The title arose as the artist began performing solo once again after a ten-year stretch of playing primarily in bluegrass bands on Colorado’s Front Range. The songs on this recording, whether original or ...

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In Tune With The Seasons

Like many a budding musician, Graeme James’ first exposure to playing an instrument took the form of violin lessons, starting at the age of seven. (He had asked his parents at age five, but, as he puts it, “…they kind of let that slide…Two years later I still wanted to, so they said let’s give it a go…”) Unlike most, ...

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Dutch Master of Americana

In the words of Marino Serdons of Belgium’s Keys and Chords (, “You wouldn’t expect a Dutch singer-songwriter with the talents of a real American country musician. In Belgium and France they would say ‘chapeau.’ Respect!” He was referring to Eric Devries, a lifelong resident of of the Netherlands and one of that country’s most prominent Americana singer-songwriters. He has ...

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A Troubadour Carries On

Born in Missouri and pursuing music in LA and Texas, Dana Cooper is now based in Nashville. Along the way, he has made 28 albums and won numerous awards. It all started very early for Dana, with his earliest memories including his father taking him to popping a coin in the jukebox and listening to Dana sing along with Hank ...

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