Monthly Archives: February 2021

Borrowed Stars

Rik Ferrell has been gigging music most of his life. Not long ago, he was with the Road House Clams from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Rik’s latest project though, after a move to the sunny coast of Florida, is Rik Ferrell and the Borrowed Stars. His new single, “Well I Never,” from the upcoming six-track EP, Ugly Babies, is ...

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Philadelphia’s Kenny Curcio

Philadelphia, PA singer songwriter Kenny Curcio’s life changed forever when his dad gave him a guitar for a Christmas present. “When I was 12 years old my father bought me a guitar,” Kenny said. “He was sick at the time, and a few months after that Christmas he unfortunately passed away. The guitar was the last gift I received from ...

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Rae Leigh Makes Career Debut

Australian artist Rae Leigh recently transposed nearly a life time of timid songwriting into a powerful break-out career, as she discovered the joy and courage in sharing her talent as a strong singer and songwriter with the world around her. Rae said she was just six years old when she found the piano. “My sister, who is nine years older ...

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Lady Of The Blues

Miss Freddye, a full time nurse, also known as, Lady Of The Blues, got her inspiration as a young girl singing in church and through her mother’s love of Blues music. “When I was a kind there were a couple of us in the neighborhood that would get together and sing whatever we liked at the time,” Miss Freddye told ...

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He Is The Artist

He Is The Artist (HITA), an American Christian singer-songwriter from Central Islip, New York, who has recently come to the faith, has chosen a new style to channel his music through. Dubbed, Christian, NeoSoul, Jazz – his music fits nicely into the new roots category. “My name comes from this idea that He, God, is the creator; the real artist,” ...

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