He Is The Artist

He Is The Artist (HITA), an American Christian singer-songwriter from Central Islip, New York, who has recently come to the faith, has chosen a new style to channel his music through. Dubbed, Christian, NeoSoul, Jazz – his music fits nicely into the new roots category. “My name comes from this idea that He, God, is the creator; the real artist,” he told us. “This has been a very inspiring year for me.”

It was only about a year ago that He Is The Artist was performing in the secular arena under his given name. “Things happened that I never dreamed could happen. The Creator did that for me, and I’m very thankful.” HITA discovered his “true calling” after hearing an inspiring sermon by pastor-author, TD Jakes, online one day. “That day I was inspired to teach the world about the Lord, like TD Jakes did with his Sermon, but through my music.”

HITA’s recent EP weaves you through the levels of human growth through Roots genre styled covers of some of his favorite pop tunes like Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide,” and the 70’s classic, “Loving You,” made famous by Minnie Riperton. It also includes one original; “Bright Ideas.”

“The Fleetwood Mac cover is meant for the listener to reflect on how important aging and gaining wisdom from your past mistakes is,” he said. HITA’s single, “Boom (Remastered),” found it’s way to the #1 spot on the Christian/Gospel charts in South Africa, followed by a #1 iTunes Jazz mash-up of Britney Spears and Adair.

HITA’s EP concludes with a cover of Tori Kelly’s, “Dear No One.” “The intention is for the listener to understand that growth is a personal journey,” he said, “And if you happen to meet someone along the way to help your growth, that’s great, but absolutely not necessary. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own growth in life, and it’s ok to have fun along the way too.”

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