Monthly Archives: August 2020

Country Heart

Charlotte, North Carolina’s Jennifer Lauren – lead singer of the band, Diamonds and Whiskey says she’s been a Carolina girl her whole life; “born and raised here,” she said. “I’ve traveled all over, but this is home. I don’t think I’ll ever leave.” Diamonds and Whiskey says they are a “combination of barroom beauty and backwoods danger, beauty queen and ...

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Sea Green Number Five

California’s Bobbo Byrnes is a storytelling singer/songwriter – his music bountiful with hints and flavors of the beloved 70s AM Gold. His latest release, Sea Green Number 5, is a more intimate approach; a mostly acoustic project, compared to his previous albums. Bobbo is also a painter, and the tracks for this album were recorded in his living room while ...

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James Reams

James Reams family heritage is rooted in southeastern Kentucky where he comes from a long line of traditional singers. He grew up playing both old-time and bluegrass music, and spent much time as a young adult playing all over the eastern seaboard. When James’ mother fell ill, he moved west to care for her. Subsequently, he made new musician friends and ...

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Mozart To Blues

Katie Knipp has been an indie blues artist for nearly 20 years, recently racking up a number 10 hit on the Blues Albums Billboard Charts with her fifth album release titled “Take it With You.” After having two children close together, and battling through all that comes with being a mommy, she’s quite happy to be putting renewed attention on ...

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Gold Mines, Cowboys, and Miners

Crown King, AZ was home to a young Silas Hite. It was a tiny mountain town where he spent his days exploring gold mines and hanging out with old cowboys and miners. Sounds like treasure for a future song writing career; and it was. He’s now an Emmy-winning composer, having co-scoring credits for blockbuster and independent films such as Nick & ...

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