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Pi Jacobs, A Little Blue


After a chance meeting between LA singer-songwriter Pi Jacobs and Mountain Fever Records president Mark Hodges in 2016, Pi became the latest artist to release her new CD on Hodges Americana label, Trivanna Records. Her new CD A Little Blue, the seventh from Pi, released in March. Recorded in Floyd, Virginia, Pi teamed up with producer and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Ramsey. ...

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Blue Collar Bones and Busted Knuckles


Although Jason Springs has been performing music for years, he’s excited to be able to release his debut solo project this year titled Blue Collar Bones and Busted Knuckles. It’s a full on band project from this folk/roots, rock artist who hails from Danville, VA. Jason said he grew up in a musical family. “There was always some sort of ...

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Eddy Mann


ReverbNation Feature – The Eddy Mann today wasn’t always so secure in who he was. “I was brought up in a faithful home,” he recalls, “but I wandered as young people tend to do, just trying to find my way. It was during that time of searching that I looked in the wrong places for direction, for purpose and for ...

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The Bundys


Siblings Megan, Katey, and Ryan Bundy were exposed to music early in life growing up in Cincinnati, OH. Influenced by music from artists like John Denver, Dave Matthews and Dolly Parton, their interest in music blossomed and they eventually taught themselves how to play guitar. That was quickly followed by experimenting with songwriting. This was an activity for much of ...

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Washboard Slim and the Bluelights


New Haven, Connecticut based Washboard Slim and the Bluelights have been performing together for over 40 years, and have evolved into “one of the most versatile and original of jug bands around.” Led by founder Peter Menta (a.k.a. Washboard Slim), the act features not only the washboard, but also instruments like the wash tub bass, jug, banjo, kazoo, harmonica, fiddle, ...

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Ryan Cain and the Ables


One of the earliest forms of rock and roll music came out of Memphis in the early 50s on labels like Sun Records. This hyped up, rhythmic music became know as hillbilly, or rockabilly music, and took the nation by storm. Like all forms of music, rock and roll changed over the years, and rockabilly slid into the ranks of ...

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Scott Parmer


By Greg Tutwiler Singer/songwriter Scott Parmer hails from Lancaster, PA. While this lead vocalist/front man is also an established drummer and guitar player, his current pursuit is “becoming a top shelf lyricist and songwriter.” Scott’s original material has been gaining high marks from listeners all across the folk/Americana scene as well as all age ranges. And his opening act credits ...

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Carolina Story


By Greg Tutwiler Carolina Story is Ben and Emily Roberts; Ben from Pine Bluff, Arkansas and Emily from Lennox, South Dakota. They met in Memphis, and now hail from East Nashville. So, you may wonder, where did the Carolina part come from? I did too. “When we first started dating, I took Emily on a week long camping trip in ...

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Making It …

Matt Hoggatt

What Does That Mean Anyway By Matt Hoggatt – You might recall a ReverbNation feature we did with Matt Hoggatt in our October, 2014 issue (#53). Matt’s story is a bit of a fairy tale story, with a crescendo of sorts, and back down to earth again. Matt recently shared the follow letter with his Facebook followers. We share it ...

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Steph Stewart And The Boys


By Greg Tutwiler – Before Stephanie Stewart formed Steph Stewart and the Boyfriends, she grew up on a steady diet of classic country and traditional Christian hymns in the foothills of North Carolina. “I grew up listening to my Grandfather’s classic country records and singing traditional hymns with my Grandma in church,” Stephanie recalled. The voices of Patsy Cline, Johnny ...

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