Philadelphia’s Kenny Curcio

Philadelphia, PA singer songwriter Kenny Curcio’s life changed forever when his dad gave him a guitar for a Christmas present. “When I was 12 years old my father bought me a guitar,” Kenny said. “He was sick at the time, and a few months after that Christmas he unfortunately passed away. The guitar was the last gift I received from him, but it has been the greatest gift. It has helped me through many tough times and has also brought many great times and people into my life that I would have otherwise not met. It was a tragic circumstance on how I got started, but it turned into a blessing, and I am just grateful to be playing and sharing my music because of it.”

Influenced By The Classics
Kenny developed his playing skills through high school and college. He naturally migrated to songwriting, and it quickly became his favorite part. He expressed his words through the musical influences he was exposed to at the time. “Growing up, I was influenced by CCR, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry, and the Rolling Stones to name a few; pretty much anything my Dad listened to at the time, that’s the music I grew up on. It included a lot of Classic Rock and Southern Rock, along with some 90’s rock influences as well, such as STP, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana,” Kenny recalled.

Making music became serious for Kenny while in college when he connected with a former band of his, Whiskey Train. “We played a ton of local and regional shows and toured a bit, and wrote and recorded a lot of original songs,” he said. “I gained a lot of experience with performing and recording, and within the music industry as a whole.”

As his experience and sound matured, he naturally started writing more in that style. “My songs are within the country, blues rock and folk genres’,” he said. “I think country music, in recent years, has crossed over into some mainstream rock/pop and blues styles, which also fits my sound.”

“I mostly write from the heart,” Kenny exclaimed. “I try to be as honest and as real as I can. I think when you approach a song from that perspective, the music finds a way to craft itself around it, and usually resonates with the listener the most. My songwriting process is different every time, so there’s no single approach I take. I get inspired by experiences I have had and ideas on what is happening around the world, or a melody or guitar riff that I think is cool. Writing is a lot of fun, and in the past year I have connected with a lot of Nashville writers that I am grateful to get to work with.”

Working On Number Five
Kenny has written and co-produced four band albums that generated several noted singles including, 2019’s “American Soldier,” “Hometown Heart,” and 2020 singles, “Scroll,” “Summertime Sunrise,” “Cherry Cola,” and “The World Is Watching.” He’s shared the stage with multi-platinum Country artist Gary Allen and Country star Corey Smith, and performed at the House of Blues and the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. He has become known around the Greater Philadelphia area as a popular country/Americana voice.

“I am getting ready to release my 5th single of 2020, “Us In The USA,” he told us. “It will release on November 27th, and I am really excited about it. It’s a song that has a very powerful message and one that I really believe in.”

Ready To Get Back Out There
Kenny says he, like so many other musicians, is ready for the world to open back up to the traveling musician. “I’m looking forward to a fresh start and the opportunity to share new music with fans that are eager to hear it and be a part of a live show,” he said. “With covid, there has been time to reset and recharge, and I think once things are back to normal, there will be a surge in new opportunities to connect with more fans.”

“Let’s work together and help one another,” he expressed. “Let’s accept each other’s differences and work to build each other up. Let’s not focus on what divides us, but on what brings us together. We are meant to be united, so let’s put back the Us In The USA. My wish is for peace, hope, and love to all.”

By Greg Tutwiler