Monthly Archives: May 2021

An Americana Family Affair

The Dinallos—the husband and wife team of Michael Dinallo and Juliet Simmons Dinallo—have quite a story to tell. Currently, they are making roots music that is gaining attention throughout the Americana music world, featuring an exciting blend of classic country, blues, gospel and rock & roll. The story of how they ended up on that musical road together is just ...

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Working Woman Grace Pettis

Grace Pettis was drawn to songwriting at an early age. Although her father, acclaimed songwriter Pierce Pettis, didn’t pressure her to be a songwriter like he was, the apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree. Grace says “I can’t actually remember a time before I was writing songs. It’s just something I’ve always done.” With this organic beginning as ...

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Art And Craft Of The Music

Like so many musicians, Steve Wilson’s family taught him to love music at an early age. He initially tried out the instrument he would later know so well—the banjo—at age 12, but, like many a young player, didn’t stick with it. The difference for Steve was that his first brief banjo experience became only the first step on a long ...

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