Country Heart

Charlotte, North Carolina’s Jennifer Lauren – lead singer of the band, Diamonds and Whiskey says she’s been a Carolina girl her whole life; “born and raised here,” she said. “I’ve traveled all over, but this is home. I don’t think I’ll ever leave.”

Diamonds and Whiskey says they are a “combination of barroom beauty and backwoods danger, beauty queen and hell-raiser alike.” They are sometimes referred to as a country version of the 80’s super group, Heart; “big vocals, staggering stage presence and incredible musicianship.”

Jennifer started playing piano at the age of four; “just as soon as I could reach the keys,” she said, “I taught myself to play by ear, then taught myself to read music once I started playing with choirs.”

She then took vocal lessons and learned how to sing Opera, and competed in high school and all over North Carolina as a young gal. “My dad’s a phenomenal singer, and it’s just in my blood,” she said.

Jennifer grew up without radio or TV, so secular music wasn’t something she really heard until she got to college. Singing in a band really didn’t happen for Jennifer until about five years ago. “I just decided I wanted to start playing out with a friend of mine just doing some cover gigs, I never really planned to start a band and record an album,” she said. “It was just therapy to get out and sing.”

About three years ago, Jennifer met guitarist Von Bury who became the bands first guitarist, and helped create an opportunity where she could sing rock and roll, and country. “People started looking at us like a country version of Heart, which really thrills me when they say that,” she said.” “I’m glad I was trained classically, but I’ve definitely changed my tune,” she quipped.

In 2019 their album, Heartbreak Queen earned them the phrase, “best rocking country album of the year by Nashville Music Guide. And they went on to win the Carolina Music Awards Band Of The Year, and are nominated again for 2020. Their latest album, Heartbreak Queen is gaining plenty of attention on the charts.

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