Sea Green Number Five

California’s Bobbo Byrnes is a storytelling singer/songwriter – his music is bountiful with hints and flavors of the beloved 70s AM Gold. His latest release, Sea Green Number 5, is a more intimate approach; a mostly acoustic project, compared to his previous albums. Bobbo is also a painter, and the tracks for this album were recorded in his living room while he sat in front of his painting, SeaGreenNumber5.

Bobbo started playing guitar when he was 17, cutting his teeth on music by groups like The Clash and U2. “They’re on my Mt. Rushmore of music for sure,” Bobbo said. “My mom listened to the country artists of the day too, so they all just seemed to merge together into whatever it is that I do now.” He grew up outside of Boston and moved to the west coast in his late 20s. “I dove into the scene when I first moved out here, and ended up playing with a guy named Sonny Mone who was the singer of Crazy Horse when Neil Young wasn’t,” he reflected recently.

Bobbo has his own studio now, helping other bands get their music out. And he also tunes pianos on the side. “I designed my life so that if I wasn’t making money playing shows and touring, then I could make money tuning pianos, or recording people in my studio – I never anticipated all three of those things going down at once,” he said, as we mused about the pandemic’s effect on the music industry.

Bobbo, and his band, The Fallen Stars, were named Best Live Band in 2015, by OC Weekly. They’ve been named Best Country/Americana Band by LA Music Critic Awards, Top Prospect of the Year by Music Connection Magazine, and Top Ten Indie/Unsigned Release of the Year by the Los Angeles Music Examiner, just to name a few.

One additional fun fact; fans of the cult sify classic, Firefly, will want to check out Bobbo’s record, Leaves On The Wind! He and his wife Tracy, both fans of the show, penned a separate track for each episode of the 13 in the series and released them on a CD project not long ago.

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