Kim Brogli; Creativity Through The Written Word

Unlike the stories of youthful encouragement many artists share in these profiles, Kim Brogli recalls what discouraged her from singing at a young age. “It was elementary school when I tried out for the little school choir and I didn’t make it. I was just like ‘Ok. There’s that. I guess I can’t sing.’…I was super-effected by people’s opinions. I was always a very sensitive kid.” However, Kim’s love of music never faded and only grew quietly stronger as the years passed.

Throughout those years, Kim expressed her creativity prolifically through the written word: fiction, poetry and especially through journaling. “I say I’ve always been a writer because I have journaled my entire life. I’ve always had to write just to process life.”

Life after college found Kim in a career that paid the bills but didn’t feed her soul. And like many others she had pandemic mind shift: “Covid hit and it was just kind of this moment where I was like ‘Do I really want to be doing this?’” This combined with a her serendipitous birthday purchase of guitars for her twin boys. After seeing them learn some chords she had another life-changing realization: “The next day I was like ‘I think I can do that’ and I just picked it up. It was like the earth stopped…It was like my heart and soul and everything aligned…” Next, she began voice lessons, secretly at first. It wasn’t long before she combined her newfound musical endeavors with her lifelong passion for words.

After connecting via social media with producer Will Gawley, who saw her potential, Kim released an EP entitled The Fight in October 2023. Looking toward the future she continues to hone in on what really matters to her. “Gaining confidence as a writer has really helped. So I’m just kind of getting to the heart of the kind of music I want to make, which is really cool.”

Kim loves to perform, but is in the early stages of taking that next step to share her music. “I’m a freshman,” she laughs. More generally about her music career she says, “I’m enjoying the journey more than the outcome, which is a really cool place to be…I think when you get so focused on the outcomes, it really robs you of your creativity.

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