• wookscover

    They’re Called The Wooks

    I first heard The Wooks one afternoon coming out of my in dash XM Radio. Bluegrass Junction was spin...

  • ontheroad

    On The Road

    It is funny how this musician, singer/songwriter life goes. Much of the time you are running down ne...

  • songwriting

    A Happy “Songwriting” Camper

    We all accept that a written sentence consists of a noun and a verb strung together in sequence. Cho...

  • moses

    Moses Jones

    Lead vocalist and guitarist Robert Johnson fronts the band, Moses Jones, with a passion and a flair ...

  • charlie

    Experience It First Hand

    Charly Markwart was born and raised in rural Michigan. However, it was a love and a quest for Appala...

  • overthemoon

    John’s Calling Me

    Craig Bignell and Suzanne Levesque make up the acoustic duo called Over The Moon. Their new CD, Moon...

  • twotracks

    A Travelogue Of Stories

    David Huebner (cello, electric guitar, vocals), Julie Szewc (guitar/vocals), Fred Serna (drums/percu...

  • marcdaniels

    Marc Daniels

    Marc grew up like many other kids who are exposed to music – learning to play the piano. Rural Spoka...

  • jasonlee

    Sacred, Southern, Soul

    Depending on which set you happen to catch of the Jason Lee McKinney Band, you might think they were...

  • barbarajo

    A First At 62

    Barbara Jo Kammer has been making music for quite a while. Her career as a music therapist working w...

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