Americana, Classic Country Roots

Colorado musician Lee Sims turned a middle school talent show performance into a musical career that resulted in a Colorado Entertainer of the year award in 2001; Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame Entertainer of the year in 2003; and a three time Golden Music Award Winner in Nashville, TN.

Lee’s dad served in military and was in charge of special services – which subsequently booked a lot of musical acts for the base where he served. “A lot of those acts were country music oriented,” Lee said, “and that exposure filtered down through those experiences. He knew a lot of musicians and would go visit with them. On occasion, I would get to join in and sing along. I remember it being a lot of fun.”

In the 60s Lee picked up the guitar and taught himself how to play along with songs. A middle school talent show led to him forming a band with friends, which ignited a life long journey as a performing musician. “In the early days, my dad was quite instrumental in helping us get into the clubs,” he recalled.

Although Lee has taken on other income producing ventures along the way, such as sales and even a stint with the US Postal Service, music has always been a passion. After leaving the postal job, he was able to go back once again to his music full time.

Lee has been recording music since the mid-60s, and has recorded several albums along the way. He even worked for a production company as a studio singer and voice over actor, while honing his authentic style of music – approaching more of an Americana flavor while staying close to his classic country roots.

Lee’s latest CD is titled A Few More Miles To Go, was released on December 16th, 2019. “This one took me about two years to put together,” he said. “I started with about 150 songs, and it just took me some time to filter through all of them – for the most part, they were all really good.”

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