Australian Andy Penkow

Sydney Australia singer/songwriter Andy Penkow has received quite a bit of acclaim in his professional musical career. A student at the JMC Academy in Sydney, he received and advance diploma in popular music and performance. He was a member of the SBS Choir and a regular member of the southern school’s regional performing ensemble.

“I’ve been surround by music my whole life,” Andy said recently. “My parents had a really interesting record collection when I was growing up, which really stuck with me and has guided my musical influences along the way.”

Andy’s been performing for nearly 20 years in Australia. In 2001 he appeared on the Australian Television show, Pop Stars, making it to the top 20. His debut CD, Sad Love Songs, was released in 2018, with the single, “Drowning in the Whiskey” reaching #10 on the Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay Chart. A second single, “Sad Love Songs,” debuted at #6 on the Oz Country Down-under charts, and a third, “Keep us Apart,” entered the Tasmanian charts at #28.

Andy works by day in the audio industry but says he’d love to play music exclusively. “My goal in life is to make a good living out of music,” Andy shared, “and get my music out there as well, of course.” Andy says that many artists actually cross genres in order to try to maintain status. “I sing quite a bit of blues music as well,” he said, “and lots of Alternative Country stuff too.”

Andy’s new EP, Chasing the Sun, is set for release at the end of July, 2020. The pre-release single, “Chasing the Sun,” debuted at #13 on the official Tasmanian top 40 charts and is seeing good chart action elsewhere.

Andy is a 2020 nominee for the APRA AMCOS TSA –New Songwriter of the Year award, and the single, “Drowning in the Whisky,” won the 2019 Purple Guitar Award, awarded by Kaz Johnson for best whiskey song. Andy is also a finalist in the 2021 ICMA Australia awards

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