Australian Singer Vanessa Delaine

New Zealand born Vanessa Delaine is an Australian musician who’s music ranges between Country, Blues, and Roots effortlessly, entertaining audiences with her beautiful voice and clever songs. Her dad was a professional singer, so she grew up with music always around her. And although her dad retired shortly after she was born, she said; “That didn’t stop him from singing at fund raisers and special events in the community where we lived. So I got to see him perform, and that was very exciting. I knew from a really young age that’s what I wanted to do too.”

Initially, Vanessa began singing with her dad. “Then I learned to play the guitar and started singing by myself,” she said. She started writing songs when she was 11 years old, and finally got to record her first album when she was in her early 20s. “It was dream come true,” she recalled. “I had always listened to these beautiful singers on the radio, and thought, ‘I want to hear my songs on the radio too.”

Vanessa has gone on to perform her original music at Festivals all around Australia, and toured extensively, performing on both sides of the Tasman. She’s won multiple awards, including Best Female Performer at The American Tracks Awards, and was a finalist for Female Vocalist of the Year at Gold Media Medallion Awards. Her music videos have received nearly 20 awards at international film festivals.

Vanessa’s latest release is her fourth album, One Girl Band 25 Years. It’s actually a re-release of her first record, One Girl Band, with a few extra songs that weren’t included on the original project. “Most of these songs were on an original DAT tape,” she said. “My producer from the original project helped me extract and re-master the music.” The new version of the album has already placed in five prestigious song-writing awards including; NZ Gold Guitars Song-writing Awards, and Tamworth Songwriters Association Awards.

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