Back Porch To Stage Front

The husband and wife songwriting team of Rachel and Stephen Mosley had a somewhat accidental start to their career after winning an open mic competition at Zac Brown’s Southern Grounds restaurant in Senoia, Georgia. The grand prize: studio time. Not wanting to squander the opportunity, they got to work carefully writing a few more songs before they recorded their first EP at Zac Brown’s Crow’s Nest Studio in Atlanta.

Originally from Florida, they spent about 10 years in Georgia before recently relocating back to Florida again. Rachel and Stephen actually met during their freshman year of high school. “We were good friends then, but never dated,” Stephen recalled. “Then sometime during college, we figured it out and got married.” Although music was a thing for them in college, it wasn’t until later in the marriage, after the five children, they figured out it still was. “When we got married we really thought that doing music together was going to be our thing,” he said. “But it just kind of never happened some how.”

The Mosleys were living in a eco-community in Atlanta, in a house with a “nest-like” porch attached to it. “It just felt like music needed to be played in it,” Stephen said. “We started playing out there, playing cover tunes and such, for the fun of it, just songs we knew. Some of our neighbors heard us, and they would stand down below and clap,” Rachel recalled. “There was a party in the neighborhood, and they said, ‘you guys are doing the music.”

At the friends urging, they entered an open mic night, and won. That led to the release of Beneath the Trees and Stars in 2015. They have been busy playing festivals and stages ever since. They’ve shared the stage with artists like Liz Longley, Harpeth Rising, and Air Supply, and were recently featured artists on NPR’s Folk Alley. And in June of 2017 they released their latest CD, Ordinary Time.
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