Billy Droze Back To His Roots

Billy Droze was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, the 10th of 12 children, in 1986, but he grew up in Alabama, knowing the whole time that music was going to be his life, “as far back as I can remember,” he said.

Billy said he got his start in gospel music before finding his way into a traveling bluegrass band with his father, Robert “Red” Droze. He did that until he was about 16, when he decided he wanted to do his own thing in country music for a while. When he was 18, he moved to Nashville to pursue life as a full time musician and enjoy his new record deal Sony/BMG.

“I was always rooted in traditional country and bluegrass, and at that time, country music was turning to the more commercial pop sound. I kept cutting records though, making one a year since then, making the kind of music I believe in, and the kind of people who I appeal to love to hear. Eventually though I made my way back to bluegrass, which is the smartest thing I ever did,” he chuckled.

Though Billy’s country records never quite garnered the success he was looking for, Billy developed a career with his pen as a staff (song) writer, with publishing deals that resulted in several successful cuts that include “You Never Know” – Darryl Worley, “Free Again” Shenandoah, “That’s Why I Run” Billy Yates (#1 in Europe), “Sunday Clothes” – Randy Kohrs,”Big Pain” – Marty Raybon, “Bottle Was a Bible” – Junior Sisk, “Her Memory Again” – Flatt Lonesome, “Like I Do” – Jamie O’neil, “I Know Better” (#1 Bluegrass Today Chart) – The Grascals, and others.

His debut bluegrass record, To Whom It May Concern, earned an unprecedented five number one singles that is a feat unheard of and unmatched in his genre of music. He was considered for the prestigious 2018 Grammy Awards along with IBMA and ICM Awards. With a new single out, and more on the way, Billy is considered one of the fastest rising stars in roots music of his generation.

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