Brick By Brick

Although John Vento is a self proclaimed “late-bloomer” to the professional music scene, he didn’t waste anytime playing catch-up with the caliber of his music. His 2019 album, Love, Lust and Other Wreckage, earned him the IMEA Award for Best Americana Album. And the single, “Rainbows And Lightning,” reached the Top 20 on the iTunes Canada charts.

While in his younger days, John dabbled in cover bands here and there; however his focus was on career and family. “The music thing was always deep, deep within me though,” John recalled. In his early 40s, John started writing poems as lyrics. “I turned to some of my musician friends to get help with the musical composition aspect of them,” he said. Doing that began the creative endeavors of his original music, and as John puts it, “Began the title wave, and the craziness, and I’ve never stopped since.”

That beginning was 19 years ago, and John has been constantly writing and recording the whole time since. “It’s now a daily activity to work on creating music in one way or another,” he said.

John has been a business owner for a long time as well, and it’s quite clear that he’s blessed with a great staff that affords him a ton of freedom to pursue his creative passion. “I wouldn’t call it a full time venture, but my fellow corporate workers probably would,” he mused. “There is often a significant percentage of every day that is devoted to music. However, not to disrespect my fellow musicians that are grinding every day to try to make a living at this, that’s not me. I’m lucky in that respect.”

John’s new project is a concept album of sorts. It’s called Brick By Brick. They are releasing the singles one at a time, one each month, like building a project, brick by brick. John is not a musician though. He states, “I’m not a guitar player or a pianist; I’m a singer and a songwriter. I really pride myself on composition and arrangements. I’m also not a solo artist. I collaborate a whole lot too.”

“America,” the first song from the Brick By Brick project, was released on November 1st.

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