Eddie Witz

“It was always a love and a passion,” Eddie Witz says, referring to the place of music in his life. He credits childhood successes at music lessons and school piano performances with giving him a confidence that helped propel him toward theater arts in high school and all the way through to graduation from USC as a theater major. Eddie always stayed connected to music, however. “My focus was performing. And some of my favorite performances were musicals…”

After college, Eddie shifted to working behind the scenes with talent agencies. Later, he moved into marketing, specifically focused on artists and celebrities, as well as brands, which kept him close to the creative scene.

It was a challenging and inspiring combination of events that spurred Eddie to explore music performance for himself. Suffering from a serious case of shingles during the pandemic caused him to do some soul-searching and, in response, a lot of songwriting. A friend—Grammy-winning producer Native Wayne Jobson—provided the catalyst needed to push Eddie back into performing—this time as a singer and musician.

“He gave me a song which he wanted me to try to record, professionally, in a recording studio—which was the first time anyone had nudged me to do something like that.” With the help of the producer and a group of topnotch musicians, the experience was a game changer: “I’d never had more fulfillment and joy, ever…except getting married and having my children.” 15 or so songs followed in quick succession, which will be rolled out gradually over the coming year; and presented as an album sometime in 2024.

Eddie’s debut single is “My Island,” a collaboration with Native Wayne and Jeff Barry (co-writer/producer of the 1970 hit “Montego Bay”) Stylistically, Eddie says, “The majority of the music I’m doing is somewhat of a genre blend between Americana, folk, pop and reggae—I’m sort of smashing that all together.”

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