Fuzzy And The Rustbelts

Buffalo New York is “a good ol’ rust belt city,” as Fuzzy tells it, and thus the name of his band, Fuzzy & The Rustbelts. Fuzzy was 15 when he picked up the guitar. “The only reason I wanted to do that was to write a song for my girlfriend at the time,” he laughed. But it was pure passion after that when it came to music. “I look at music like a drug almost,” he exclaimed. “It’s like I can’t kick it. No matter how many breaks I take, I always go back to it. This time though, we made it stick.”

For Fuzzy, music is still a side hustle, but he says he puts almost full time work into his music these days. “We’ve got a special group of people together for this band,” he exclaimed. “I haven’t worked with a finer group of people.”

“One of the things I like about Americana is that you can bounce from folk, to country, to rock, and it’s okay,” he said.

Fuzzy & The Rustbelts were born from a place where lyrics and music form an all American experience. Stories take center stage and transport listeners to another place. They have created a sound that appeals to a wide audience, with a sound that Fuzzy says, “chugs along like a freight train and lifts you up, offering hope and a chance to begin again.”

In 2018, the band was a top two finalist in the Buffalo Country Radio 106.5 WYRK Taste of Country Hometown Riser Competition. In late 2019, they debuted their first music video and had it featured on DittyTV. In December 2019 they won Buffalo Country Radio 106.5 WYRK’s 2019 – 2020 Taste of Country Hometown Riser Competition.

Presently, the band has three new singles that were released this fall; “Go For A Ride,” “Long Lost Wind.” The song “Perfect” comes out on December 4th. In February 2021, all three will be released as an EP, with the intention to release a few music videos in the spring of 2021.

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