Hall Of Fame Bobby Messano

When Bobby Messano was 14, he was already playing guitar in clubs with guys that were in their 20s. “I wanted to be Eric Clapton and I wanted to play the Philmore East,” he recalled. “I never got to do either,” he laughed. But Bobby has been able to accomplish a few things in his legendary career as a guitarist. His licks can be heard on everything from MTV Jingles, to Benny Mardones’ hit song, “Into The Night.” He’s played guitar with the likes of Steve Winwood, and Lou Gramm, and he’s played on over 50 major label and indie records. “I actually did write for Clapton,” Bobby added.

Bobby grew up playing lead guitar and singing lead, but says upon joining his first album band, “I became a side man. I became one of the guys in the trenches, as I call it, but it actually took a lot of pressure off just being able to be the guitar player. I always really liked that spot, but at some point I had to change it over and do it for myself,” he said, and that he did.

His song, “That’s why I Don’t Sing The Blues” was on the American Blues Scene’s Blues Top five Chart for 24 weeks and Blues Underground Network named it 2012’s Top Blues/Rock Album of the year. In December of 2012 he was inducted into the Blues Hall Of Fame. His 2015 CD, Love & Money, was nominated for a Blues Blast Award for Best Rock/Blues Album debuting at #7 on the Billboard Blues Chart, where it peaked at #1 and stayed nine weeks in the Top 10.

Bobby’s new record, Lemonade, is his ninth. It’s a CD he hadn’t quite planned to record yet, but after an artist he was to produce had to cancel, Bobby stepped up and took advantage of the studio time. “I had to write a record very quickly,” he said. “I mean in 48 hours. I showed up in Louisiana to record, not quite knowing what I had – but it was just magical how it all turned out.”

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