“Hardest Working Band”

As music genre’s change, so do musicians if they hope to stay active and relevant. Rock is one of those genre’s, in recent years, that has struggled to find a groove with ever changing audiences.

Bands like Wayland, priding themselves on timeless vocal melodies and crisp guitar licks, that are becoming far and few between. Formed in 2010, they were soon signed to Kiefer Sutherland’s Iron Works Records and released their first single “Welcome To My Head,” which charted fairly high on Mainstream and Active Rock charts. Their follow up single, “Reno,” showcased Wayland’s diverse influences, from huge vocal harmony reminiscent of classic rock icons like Journey and Queen.

In 2014, “Get A Little,” the band’s music video for the song, went viral online bringing in massive social media and YouTube numbers, causing the song to hit #6 on ITunes Rock charts. In 2016 they had an Active Rock radio hit single “Bloody Sunrise,” taking the band into almost 5 straight years of non-stop touring.

Always trying to stay ahead of the curve, Wayland is returning back to their roots, literally, with their new spin on what they call Rootsy Rock and Roll. It’s easy to hear the southern influence and riff driven story telling reminiscent of The Black Crowes. Their four part harmonies makes one miss the Eagles. Their groovy jamming channels a Tom Petty feel, and the blues influenced, screaming guitars of Led Zeppelin ring out, even when they are casually jamming in the back lounge of their tour bus.

They’re on the road over 300 days a year and have been called by some as, “the hardest working band in rock and roll.” The romantic commitment they have made to sincere, song based writing has been standard with this band for the past five years.

According to a recent press release, “Their lyrics remain romantic with mid-western charm, and hold hands with the psychedelic guitar rumbles that drive their songs.”

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