High Fidelity Bluegrass

Nashville based, traditional bluegrass band, High Fidelity was nominated for New Artist of the Year at the 2019 IBMA awards – an achievement to be proud of for sure. Jeremy Stephens, guitarist and lead vocalist for the group says he’s a big fan of the early male quartet music from the 1920’s and 30’s, and those influences certainly show up in their music, especially the new single released recently, “His Charming Live.”

“We formed in early 2014, basically to enter the SPBGMA International Band Championship that year,” Jeremy said. “It was Kurt Stephenson’s idea. (Banjo) and our goal was to play late 50s to early 60s bluegrass – Jim and Jesse, Reno and Smiley – music like that.” The band won the contest and set in motion a new contender on the bluegrass music circuit.

“Those first couple years we were all sort of doing our own thing,” Corrina Rose Logston, said (fiddle/harmony vocalist). “We didn’t really have any intention that this would become a full time venture. But we put a record together to actually get a gig in Arkansas. The venue required a band to actually have a commercial release in order to be booked.”

So the band put their first self titled, self release record together. They were subsequently contacted by Rebel Records and invited to create a second project under their label. “We’ve been really blessed,” Corrina said. “It has just unfolded onto itself from there on. It’s turned into this thing now, and we’re thinking, ‘wow! We never imagined it would get this far.” Vickie Vaughn, (upright bass) and Multi-instrumentalist and harmony vocalist Daniel Amick, round out the current line up.

Much of the inspiration for High Fidelity is drawn from bands like Don Reno & Red Smiley, The Stanley Brothers, The Louvin Brothers, Jim & Jesse, and a host of lesser known regional artists from the same era. Some folks have described them as the new Johnson Mountain Boys, interpreting classic era bluegrass through the fresh, young perspective of today’s generation.

Check out High Fidelity here Listen to the Profiles interview here.