Jesse Wilde’s Ongoing Musical Odyssey

Sometimes music grabs people at a young age, and never lets go, pushing them along from one milestone to the next along the musical journey of a lifetime. That’s how it’s been for Aukland, New Zealand native, Jesse Wilde. After seeing the Elvis ’68 Comeback Special at age 11, Jesse requested a guitar from his mom. He took lessons from a neighbor for a year, after which he said he’d taught the youngster everything he knew, and sent Jesse along to his teacher, who had grown up in London in the ‘60s. This teacher helped Jesse set his course firmly, encouraging him to start singing, learn many songs, and begin writing his own. Although underage at the time, began singing and playing for local groups. “Before you knew it,” says Jesse, “I had my own band and was making a living out of it.”

Jesse cites three primary influences on his musical direction over the years: Bob Seger, John Mellencamp and Steve Earle. Not content to just let influences be influences, he embarked on a successful mission to first visit each artist’s home town, then meet the artists themselves.

His first major band was Acoustic Attitude, well known in and around Auckland as a folk-rock-blues’ combo presenting a tasty mix of popular covers and original songs, many written by Jesse. He has also toured extensively overseas, including the UK, Europe and North America.

Songwriting has become more and more important to him, and Jesse has seen success as one of his songs was selected by the Don Williams Music Publishing Group at the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase. Back in 2005, Jesse spent six months writing and performing in LA, Texas, New York, Chicago and Nashville. He co-wrote the song “Ghost Town Road” with Rick Beresford (writer and gold record recipient for “If Drinking Doesn’t Kill Me Her Memory Will,” a song he wrote for George Jones.”

Jesse’s most recent album is 2019’s Wilde Taylor duo release, Broadway Cowboy.

Check out Jesse Wilde’s website here. Listen to the full interview here.