John And Judy Rodman

Nashville, TN is home for John and Judy Rodman. Judy is an award winning recording artist, stage and television performer, producer and songwriter – husband John is a classical percussionist, touring drummer, and was a session drummer for one of the world’s largest jingle companies.
Both are longtime career entertainers who both got their professional start doing jingles in Memphis, TN at a young age. Judy recalls; “We just wanted to play full songs, so we formed a top 40 band with friend,” and found each other at the same time. “That’s why this project that we’re doing now feels like a full circle kind of thing,” she said.
John was raised in Memphis, while Judy, born in California, was from a military family, and moved a lot with her parents while she was growing up. “Nashville’s been my home though, for longer than I’ve lived anywhere,” she said.
When what seemed to be the end of a long and successful career, John and Judy both felt like they weren’t quite ready to quit playing music. Together, along with some of Nashville’s elite session players, they recorded their new CD, Here We Are. “I was enjoying doing other stuff,” John said. “But we were watching a James Taylor reunion with Carol King a few years ago, and that’s what sparked it – I said let’s play again. Judy was mostly producing and teaching, and I wanted to find out if I could still play, so we went for it. And it feels like I’m better now than I was,” he quipped.
“In the mentoring and producing others and John’s spark coming along, it has been so wonderful to come to this point and time where we can take all of our past and love of music and freshly make new stuff,” Judy said. “So we started writing, and before we knew it, we had seven songs. And we just decided to go into the studio and record them and see what happens. They’ve been getting wonderful feedback,” Judy said.