King Of Birds

Scottish brothers Charlie and Stirling Gorman live in a little village near Glasgow. As kids, they played in various bands and dreamed of one day making it big and finding a way out and into the big music world as stars. Then, one day in 1994 it happened. Their band, Murmur, caught the attention of a record executive. The next thing they knew, they were on a plane headed for the United States to ink a record deal with Warner Brothers. Just like that, they were recording their debut album and touring extensively across America.

But before they could get the party started, it was over. Lackluster records sales fell short of the labels expectations, promotional commitments fell through, and shortly after, the brothers were back in Elderslie wondering if indeed it was really just a dream. “We never really got to take a run at it,” Charlie said. “It was quite unfortunate, and we left music for quite a while after that.”

Charlie took a job selling used office furniture by day and gigging nights alone in bars and restaurants around Glasgow. Stirling landed a job at Glasgow’s iconic Tower Records where he could stay close to the music and take gigs as a session player. That didn’t last long though, and he eventually took a job as an international flight attendant.

In 2014, Stirling felt the music stirring again and reached out to Charlie, suggesting they write some songs together. “The initial idea was to write songs to sell to a publisher for other artists to record,” Charlie said. But there had been a lot of living and life adventures over the years, and the songs just poured out. By the spring of 2017 the brothers had stockpiled an arsenal of material. The songs personal enough that they decided to head into the studio to record some of those tunes themselves. That decision would become the foundation of their new musical adventure, their debut CD, Eve Of Destruction, and the formation of their new group, King of Birds.

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