Lora Kelley’s Domystique

Lora Kelley is finding her way between the time of innocent youth and the silver-haired later years of womanhood—pressing into the gentle magic of middle-life, and sharing insights and encouragement along the way, by way of her music. Whether she is singing about childlike perspectives, the complexity of being an aging woman, or exploring the nuance of female-driven hospitality, on her album, Domystique, Lora shares a collection of lyrics and music that casts a tender eye on life’s middle age, balancing the deep emotions of both looking back and looking forward.

Born out of a desire to write about her current stage in life , on the record Lora takes a whimsical look at domestic life, and explores the middle space between youth and old age and what comes with it. “While I love early life love songs, and I appreciate that much of commercial music is targeted at that age group,” says Lora, “over the last few years, I felt a sense of loss in music. I, personally, wanted more songs that spoke to where I found myself.” She found herself in a middle space familiar to many: raising children, discovering what it looks like to stay in love, and discovering the positive new feelings that arise through the magic of aging.

Originally from Katy, Texas, Lora moved to Charlottesville, Virginia in 2007. Not growing up in an overly musical household, she nonetheless can trace her singer-songwriter roots to a very specific experience. “One of the very first things I remember hearing was Eliza Gilkyson…My dad had a tape in his Honda Accord that we drove around listening to. I loved her storytelling, I loved that it felt both hopeful but grounded in reality. It really connected with me…that our experience on earth is both beautiful and challenging at the same time.”

Her songwriting skill began growing during college, but it wasn’t until her 30s that she began really cultivating her talent and sharing her songs with the wider world.

Visit with Lora here, and listen to the interview here.

By Dan Walsh