Ludlow Creek

Ludlow Creek is a group of five close friends and talented performers who love to create and perform music together. Leveraging their strong bond of friendship and utilizing an array of instruments (including acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and occasionally mandolin), they create genuine, heartfelt music that has been described as “modern classic rock.” Formerly known as Southbound, the band re-christened as Ludlow Creek when they made the decision to prioritize the creation of original music over the mastery of classic rock cover tunes, which they had previously been known for. With the new name came the re-release of a previous originals-focused album, Hands of Time, which went on to win the silver medal in the US Band Album of the Year category of the International Singer-Songwriters Association Awards.

Glass-half-empty types would say the band’s timing was a bit off, with their rebranding coming right as a worldwide pandemic hit. However, in the depths of the pandemic, the group managed to maintain the momentum generated by their change of moniker, finding the silver lining in the cloud of covid. What might have been a limiting factor to others was suddenly full of possibility for a group of creatives with a new identity to live into. Virtual sessions and quarantining for group work kept them together. A retreat to Nashville for writing in a loft full of possibility and promise brought inspiration and progress.

About their most recent album, Which Way Is Forward, The band has released three singles from the record, the second of which was “Stoney Lonesome Road.” The video has been selected by a number of indie film festivals.

Looking toward the future, Dave says, “When we were recording Which Way Is Forward, we were already putting songs together for what’s next. So we have a bucket of songs…” Look for a five-song EP or full-length album from Ludlow Creek in the first half of 2023.

By Dan Walsh

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