It’s In My DNA

Singer/songwriter Artie Tobia makes his home in New York, and comes from a deep pedigree of music. “My great, great grandfather played with John Philip Sousa. I had grandfathers and uncles and cousins who all had careers in music. So I got the gene and/or that bug,” he told us.

Artie said he remembers writing his first song at around the age of 10, from an experience walking through a field of Dandelions on the way to a friend’s house. “Music is just in my DNA. It just became what I do,” Artie said. He’s now written over a hundred songs, and recorded five studio albums. His latest, Driven, is the first time Artie served as a producer. “I took a co-producer credit on Aberdeen, (his forth) but this project I feel like I really produced, taking my creative vision to the end with no compromise,” he said.

Aberdeen charted to number 13 on the AMA/AAA APD Chart, as well as the Root 66 Chart, and number 15 on the FAR Chart. It also afforded him performing opportunities. He’s recently shared the stage with Tanya Tucker, Dr. John, Kansas, the band Starship. “I remember how cool it felt to be standing there with Kansas on stage – singing along with “Carry On My Wayward Son.” They were such nice guys too.”

As a full-time professional musician, Artie’s been averaging around 200 performing nights a year for the last 22 years. “I always joke that I perform more nights than Elvis Presley did,” he chuckled. “Which is the truth, except his was obviously on a much grander scale. But he wasn’t carrying his equipment in and out 90% of the time either. The reality is, I’ve logged a lot of shows over the past 22 years – all different, and all fun in their own way.”

Artie wrote nine of the 13 songs in Driven over a three-week period in December 2017. “They had an instant cohesion,” he said. “I rounded the song selection out with a handful of other songs I had written previously that tie in thematically. We went in to the studio and recorded all the songs over two days.”

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