Psychopath Etiquette

Southern Maine brothers, David and Paul Sprague (founding members) make up the folky, funky, rock blend duo known as Psychopath Etiquette. They literally are “a band of brothers.” The brothers have been playing music together professionally for more than a decade.  In the summer of 2019, they formed this band, “as a culmination of everything they had been working on since childhood,” they said recently. “All the chips are down and it’s time for one last push.” If Folk and Rock had a baby, you would get something that sounds a lot like Psychopath Etiquette.

‘We’ve always made music together,” David said. “But it’s never really been official until now. Every few years we’d get together and jam for a few weeks, but then we’d go back to our regular lives.”

David said about the choice for their name; “I like that it’s not really a solid idea. It’s just the kind of ideas that it implies that makes it interesting. It just sort of stuck with me, and then we were able to reserve the URL and that sealed the deal,” he said. “I just like the way that the words play together, and we just settled on it.”

When the brothers were growing up there mom would always be listening to folk and classic country music. “My first real memory of music was sneaking off to listen to Johnny Cash,” David recalled. “Then we grew up and found our own music and migrated more to the rock sound. But eventually, I learned to appreciate them both. So now we try to blend all the genres and the instruments as often as we can.”

All of the brother’s music has an original focus, however that will, on occasion, include some of those influential covers for good measure. They recently released an EP, Rough Draft, of their original songs while they put together the rest of the tracks for an upcoming full length project scheduled for later this year.

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