Raveis Kole

Laurie Raveis, Dennis Kole are an Americana / Indie Folk duo based in Bellingham, Washington. Their synergy as a singer/songwriter couple has allowed them to craft a unique sound blending what they call “Southern California freedom,” with a sprinkling of “Middle Eastern mystery, European panache, and a gypsy’s adventurous spirit.”

Laurie and Dennis actually met in a jam class at a guitar festival some years ago. “After the classes, we would stay around late and jam together,” Laurie remembered. “I would play drums and he would play guitar, and then we’d switch around. We just found ourselves having a lot of fun.”

They had each traveled to Montana for the camp. At the conclusion, Laurie and Dennis returned to there prospective homes and proceeded to correspond by telephone and email.

“We have a song called ‘Holding On To A Rainbow,’ Dennis said. “It originated when I was riding my bike along a lake one gray day, and saw rainbow. Thinking of how I felt about Laurie and her being the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I began to write a song about it.”

The song really got wings when Laurie and Dennis began to share it back and forth via email. “Dennis would write a line, and then I would write a line,” Laurie recalled. “So it really is a part of both of us.” That song was released on their debut CD in 2016, Electric Blue Dandelion, which debuted at number eleven on the Billboard Heatseakers Chart.

“Laurie has a wonderful sense of humor that immediately shines through,” Dennis said. She also has a sort of a quirky way of looking at things, which I share. I think we both like to put common things together in uncommon ways, and that is a strong part of the basis for our music and our songwriting chemistry.”

The latest project from Raveis Kole is what they deem an “audio experimental album.” “These songs have been re-mastered from their original stereo format to create an enhanced 3D immersive experience,” Dennis said. The album 3D Immersive released on October 23rd.

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