Sister’s Birthday Sparks Band

Brothers Michael (guitar and vocals), Charlie (bass and vocals) and Mark (vocals) make up the trio called The Riddle Brothers. They write and perform an eclectic blend of acoustic, Americana, and Folk, laced with stories from the life they’ve lived along the shores of the Mississippi River, including, Baton Rouge, LA; Moline, IL; and Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN.

“Music was always a big part of our family’s culture,” Mike told me. “We all, at one time in our early lives, were in boys choirs. So we all three had singing experience at a young age.” Mike, the oldest, got his first guitar at the age of 13. “As soon as Mike started learning songs we sat around and sang with him as a family activity,” Mark recalled.

They all had their own musical experiences in terms of being in bands along the way, but it wasn’t until about eight years ago, when the guys decided to put together some songs for their sister’s 50th birthday, that things really clicked for their current collaboration.

“We had toyed with the idea over the years,” Mark said, “but the birthday is when it all came together.” Michael was already a professional musician when he moved to Minnesota, playing in clubs and doing a little bit of studio work in the 70s. He eventually took a full time day job, but always hung onto his musical pursuits. Charlie also pursued music professionally right out of high school and said it was the support of their parents and grandparents that really encouraged their musical endeavors. “Our grandparents on our dad’s side were amateur musicians in a little country town in NW Louisiana. Actually, our first CD, Cotton Valley Store, is named after the town where they were from,” he added.

The guys are working on a new CD and suggest it will be a little different than the previous one, which was more of a tribute. This one will feature songs from all three, and speak more directly about the different journeys each of them are on in own their lives.

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