The Machinist

Military veteran, KC Beck was born in Denver, Colorado, and currently resides just outside of Austin Texas where he has based his music career since 2005.

KC fondly recalls a moment when he was seven or eight years old, being on stage, at a biker toy run. He credits that moment with inspiring him to want to return again as an entertainer. It wasn’t long after that he picked up the guitar, around the age of 13. KC’s dad was a musician at an early age as well, and toured frequently with professional musicians from Colorado in the 70s.

KC recorded his first album while he was a PFC in the Army stationed at Ft. Hood in 2005, The Cove Studio Sessions. KC was injured around the same time. Prior to that, he had been in conversations with Broken Bow Records to release his material. “When they found out I was enlisted, they informed me they couldn’t continue contract talks,” KC said. “That was pretty devastating.”

Out of the military, KC went to Iraq as a contractor in 2007. His next album, My Car and My Guitar, was recorded in 2008 while he was still in Iraq. The acoustic track of, “That’s Just Me,” was used in the indie film project, 50 States, A horse With No Name.

In 2010, he returned to Texas and married his wife Bianca. He graduated from Texas State University in 2013. But the years following his return from Iraq found him struggling with post military health issues and saw his music career suffer as a result. Finally, in 2018 he had begun to see his health improve and a return to his music career.

Today he finds himself with a rocking new country song making the rounds across the U.S. “It was inspired by a fellow soldier who I served with in Iraq,” KC said. The song, “The Machinist,” “is a hell of a fight song that motivates listeners to keep pushing on through the hardships of life,” KC added.

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