The Most Beautiful Queen

Emanuel Dron is from France, and runs a successful whiskey bar in Singapore. It’s a hobby turned profession, and he rather enjoys it. But he says his first love has always been music. It’s those classic rock sounds of groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones that gets him excited. “My first love is actually the early artists of Sun Studio,” Emanuel said. As a lifelong musician, he’s always wanted to have a band of his own and recreate some of those sounds he loves. So when the pandemic put the world on hold, it was just the opportunity he was looking for.

Emanuel enlisted musician acquaintances from across the world to help him track some of the songs he had written. Since they were all quarantined, they relied on the internet to help create their finished project. “I knew I would have at least three months with my business closed,” he said. “So I reached out to the musicians I wanted to help me put the project together.”

He decided to call the band, the Foolks; a word “based on a combination of the words “folks” (people) and “fool” (crazy),” Emanuel said. The line-up includes Jamie Wiltshire, lead vocalist (Cambridge, UK) , Emmanuel on guitar, Andrew Picha, drummer (Nashville, US), and Charles Berthoud (Massachusetts, US) on bass.

The five-song self titled EP is due out in November. The first track, “The Most Beautiful Queen,” dropped in mid-August. It’s a catchy tune with a prominent bass line and a powerful guitar riff. If you immediately think Rolling Stones, it would be a compliment.

Emanuel would love to have the chance to hook up with his band live, and tour around the world sharing the Foolks brand of music if the opportunity would afford itself. However, that will not stop them from continuing to create music along the way. In fact, he has already begun writing songs for the next record. “We’ll keep recording what we like of course, just that old school sound, guitar, bass, and clean drums.” You know, real classic rock and roll music.

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