The Sounds Of Sugarcane Jane

Anthony Crawford and Savana Lee make up the duo Sugarcane Jane. Hailing from the Gulf Coast of Alabama, these two have decades of musical experience between them. Anthony’s career began at the age of 18 when he went to work for Opryland, then on to the Grand Ole Opry with Roy Acuff. He eventually went on tour with artists like Sonny James, Neil Young, Steve Winwood, and Vince Gill.

“I had a lot of good fortune come my way by being in the right place at the right time,” Anthony exclaimed. “I’ve found if you have your talent, and you’re able to get along with people pretty well, you can find your way into some pretty amazing opportunities.”

But Anthony said he felt like it was his destiny, when he met Savana, to shift gears and work together on their duo career. Savana was managing Deepfield Studios in Nashville when Anthony went in to work on a solo project several years ago. “I had been trying to be a songwriter,” Savana recalled, “when I ended up falling into a studio situation where Anthony came in to record. I really fell in love with his music.” The pair became fast friends and eventually began working together, and realized over time that there was more than friendship to the pairing. They married and started a family right away.

After Anthony finished up his tour with Neil in 2009, he moved back to Alabama to start a new phase of life and career with Savana. “She is a great musician, and a great organizer as well, so she’s able to take real good care of that part of what we do,” Anthony said. “The nucleus of who we are is based around our harmonies and the uniqueness of how we write songs.”

In 2019 the duo did become a band briefly, and went on tour with Dwight Yoakam, playing to standing ovations nearly every night. The latest project from Sugarcane Jane is actually their 10th CD, Ruffled Feathers: Songs In the Key of Me.

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