Song Writing

Recipe For A Song

By Donna Ulisse – My taste buds are gearing up for my favorite time of year! Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are guaranteed to tempt my appetite with all of the most delicious, hearty, fattening foods. I will not be able to help myself. I am bound by some code knitted into my DNA to consume the scrumptious holiday fare ...

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Holding On To Every Little Memory

By Donna Ulisse Every single day that I draw breath is one more glorious opportunity to observe life. These moments are little drops of gold, and I try not to squander or take for granted the chance to collect memories and song scrap. My husband and I are selling our beloved wee palace and moving to the outskirts of Nashville ...

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Life Continues To Teach Me

By Donna Ulisse Life continues to teach me how to write songs with every breath I take these days. I don’t know if it’s my age or being so tuned into my thoughts and surroundings because of my songwriting, but I am more aware and consciously choosing to stay in a state of gratitude and awareness. By making that effort ...

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Behind The Words

By Donna Ulisse The Poor Mountain Boys and myself have been wearing out the tires on our White Dove rig as we fulfill a big tour schedule this summer. I am happy and sincerely tired and the weird thing is I have been on fire to write, write, write! It seems as though the more worn out my brain is, ...

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Before the Words

By Donna Ulisse – I love being a happy girl. I’m most comfortable in this state and annoyingly willing to share my joy through positive songs that I write and perform. Lately, my Snow White approach to daily life has been smudged by friends going through personal crises and loss and has left me hurting for them. Don’t get me ...

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