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Art And Craft Of The Music

Like so many musicians, Steve Wilson’s family taught him to love music at an early age. He initially tried out the instrument he would later know so well—the banjo—at age 12, but, like many a young player, didn’t stick with it. The difference for Steve was that his first brief banjo experience became only the first step on a long ...

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Modern Master of Celtic Traditions

A multi-instrumentalist journeyman whose work spans four decades, GF Morgan (a.k.a. “Jeff”) has built a career spanning Texas honky tonks like Austin’s legendary Hole in the Wall and New York’s prestigious Lincoln Center stage. His love for Celtic music began early, but only later became his driving musical passion. “It’s always been something that’s been in my life,” says Morgan. ...

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Getting Rowdy With Jason McDaniel

Australia’s Jason McDaniel knows a thing or two about hitting the road and really living life. Since his start as a pro musician in 1995 he has perfected a “rowdy” concoction of country, rock and blues, influenced by the likes of Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, ZZ Top and Dire Straits, as well as the greats of Australia’s home-grown country music ...

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