Americana Down Under

It was an incapacitating car accident in his late teens that moved Perth, Western Australian artist Andy Michaels to pick up a guitar. The result was a fusion of eclectic tastes and melodic sounds featuring hints of folk, country, Americana and contemporary pop.

His latest project, Incendiary Heart, a 14-track, pop leaning mixture, with nostalgic influences from the 70s and 80s, and arrangements that leave the listener soaking in hints of modern country, rock and pop.

Andy says his induction into the music industry has been a long, long journey. “All my life I’ve enjoyed music. My mother used to play guitar and sing when I was young and that was always a motivation to me. We lived in the country in Western Australia – what we call the outback – and we had to make our own fun. My mother used to bring her guitar to football games and bar-B-Q’s and entertain the local country crowd because basically there was no other entertainment,” Andy recalled. “Something like that stays with you,” he said. “After the accident, I really got the spark to follow in my mother’s foot steps.”

After high school, Andy went to college and started playing in local pubs around town. “That gave me money to put myself through university,” Andy said. “I’ve always been on the verge of professional, semi-professional – and the songwriting process of course never stops.” Andy has written over 120 unique songs since starting his musical journey.

His previous CD, Revisited, received high reviews from many outlets, and his songs have been played on radio stations all over the world. He’s toured his home country of Australia extensively, as well as Asia, including China, and is preparing for a 2020 stint in the United States.

Andy enlisted help from musicians Tiarna Madison, Kerry Ironside, Carolyn Thomas, and Sharon Court to collaborate on the new CD, Incendiary Heart.

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