Brad Hudson

Brad Hudson began singing and playing music when he was just three years old. The Raleigh, North Carolina native began like many kids, singing and playing music in church, in his case, the little community of Potters Hill, North Carolina. “I always remember being intrigued by the guitar,” he told me.

His mom and dad gave him his first guitar at six, which he played day after day in his room. Brad said the pastor told him that when he was able to play the chords and recognize the changes in the music, he was welcome to join the church band. That’s all the incentive Brad needed. “I learned a lot from that experience. They were older musicians and they took me under then wings and really helped me along,” he said.

bradhudson“Although there are not a lot of musicians in Eastern North Carolina, I was very fortunate to be around a bunch of good ones growing up,” he said. Brad began getting asked to set in with some of the bands around the area. Even in elementary school he was becoming a sought after musician.

While attending high school, he joined the marching band where he would get to march in the Kentucky Derby parade. He eventually got to work with Nashville recording artist Don Cox, was invited to be a part of The Crystal Coast Jamboree, in Morehead City where he became a featured soloist performer and dancer.

His career has included a long relationship with Dollywood and the Parton family, as well as The Larkins, and The Carolina Road Band, where he was nominated by SPBGMA for dobro, and bass player of the year. In September of 2014, he was given the opportunity to tour with Jeff & Sheri Easter as their drummer.

Most recently, Brad has joined bluegrass band, Sideline, and released his very first solo project, Next New Heartbreak.

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