Kim Robins

Kim Robins brings a unique blend of hardcore traditional and progressive sounds to her brand of bluegrass music. Her recent CD sounds seasoned and polished. You’d never know it was her debut CD. “I started out as a child singing music with my dad then lost touch with music for 30 some years,” she said.

kimrobinsKim was singing in church in her father’s band by the age of five. She became the youngest, and an original member of the Little Nashville Opry in Nashville, Indiana where she got to open for Country music legends like Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Barbara Mandrell and The Oak Ridge Boys.

At 19, music took a back seat as she stepped away to raise her new baby girl. After a long stint in the regular world being mom and a professional, she met and married renowned banjo player Butch Robins – and her dream of performing music was reignited. He encouraged her to start writing music and showcasing her vocal chops again. It paid off as she began gaining attention and getting gigs.

“I started finding myself around music again, and attending festivals again, and longing for what I had as a child,” she said. “I actually hadn’t thought about music in years but I started really missing it. I was watching all these people up on stage thinking, ‘I could do that, I used to do that.’ So I started writing again in 2007, and that led to me wanting to put some songs down on a CD. That was my only intention. But the person engineering the CD for me thought the songs were good enough to bring in some good musicians to back me up.” Her 12-song debut CD, 40 Years Late, in a way, mirrored her life with songs of heartbreak and redemption. She wrote seven of the tracks herself, and got to include her 82 year old dad on one of the tracks.

Kim has just released her second set of tracks, Raining In Baltimore. “I finally have a solid band together, and we’re going out more in support of the project.” she said. Not wanting to waste anymore time though, she’s already gathering material for her next CD.
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