Michael And Jennifer McLain Band

Americana Music Profile – Husband and wife, Michael and Jennifer McLain, have performed in 27 states from New York to California. They’ve appeared on the Grand Ole Opry, Kentucky Educational Television, Iowa Public Television, The Nashville Network, Country Music Television, RFD Television, National Public Radio, and the PBS show, Song of the Mountains.

Michael and Jennifer both grew up in musical families touring and performing. And they both just happen to be banjo players by choice. As part of the McLain Family Band, Michael, the youngest of six siblings, toured across the United States playing in 49 of them, as well as Mexico, Canada, Japan and Brazil, and concerts at Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Museum, Lincoln Center, and Chicago’s Orchestra Hall.

Michael also toured and recorded toured as part of the Claire Lynch Band as well as with Dale Ann Bradley. Michael and Jennifer have been married about 20 years, and they’ve been making music together “since their first date,” he told me. They started a band together with Michael’s brother, Raymond, and toured as the McLain’s for quite a while.

Their new band, the Michael and Jennifer McLain band, featuring Dan Kelly is their latest focus. “We’ve been growing the band for several years now, and things are very exciting,” Michael said. “Dan played with Roy Acuff for many years, so it’s exciting to get to play with such a talented musician.”

Their latest CD, Hit The Road And Go. Officially released on November 4th, 2016, Michael said, “this is the first project we’ve had out in a long time. We’ve been working on this for several years. We’re so excited that it’s come to fruition. It feels really good.”

Michael said there’s a good variety of material. “Of course we’re influenced by bluegrass,” he said. “But you’ll hear blues, and gospel, and even rockabilly in there too.”

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