Advice For Aspiring Musicians

By Andrew McKnight
“What is the single most important money-making tip you would give a new singer/songwriter?”
That question was asked of Featured Artists at *The Standing “O” Project, and answers from 16 of those working musicians are collected in this book; some are single sentences, others are pages long. Killing it In the Streaming Age offers a different take on what it means to have a music career in the 21st century. And what’s really surprising—virtually all of the advice is non-digital, real-world and do-able.
My answer focused on the “Real Money” you want to make and save; “the real “currency” that makes this business go is how you handle yourself – call it integrity if you will. The quality of your art means a lot less if people think you’re an …”. His thoughtful essay on making a life and livelihood in the 21st century music business will likely strike a chord with veteran musicians as well as those just getting started. The book is chocked full of great advice and thoughtful – and often unique – perspectives.
Editors John Dillon and Viv Nesbitt host Art of the Song Creativity Radio, a one-hour, listener-supported weekly radio program broadcast on over 150 stations across North America. They have interviewed some of the biggest names in the industry with a focus on the universal truths common to all creative expression. Together, he and Viv launched The Standing “O” Project, a “socially responsible streaming” site dedicated to overcoming what they see as one of the biggest inequities in the music business: dispite being talented creative professionals with a profound work ethic, singer/songwriters are often shortchanged professionally.
Killing it In the Streaming Age is currently available in soft cover or Kindle edition.
*What’s the Standing O Project?
Thanks to my visit several years ago on the syndicated “Art of the Song Creativity Radio” (National Public Radio) show, I was one of the guest artists invited to be part of the Standing “O” Project. Standing “O” brings artists and listeners together deep into music that might be considered to have “limited commercial potential.” Artists bring their music. Fans bring their support. Hosts and founders John Dillon & Vivian Nesbitt bring hundreds of hours of rare interviews (including my show). In a way, Standing “O” does what your radio station used to be so good at: offering surprises and rich content that can change your day. It’s a very exciting idea that could change the face of music, designed to connect singer-songwriters and music fans in original and profound ways.
And here’s the best part: the fans who support Standing “O” are also supporting the musicians who make it possible. Independent artists share in the membership contributions, providing a much-needed revenue stream to help them continue creating music. Basically, we’re all working together to build an artistic empire of good music, human connection and flourishing creativity for the common good.
Try it free for 10 days, no card required. Come visit my page, and click the Start Free Trial button at the top.
Andrew McKnight’s is an award-winning folk and Americana artist. Since 1996 his musical journey has traced over half a million miles of blue highways, and earned him a wealth of critical acclaim and enthusiastic fans for his captivating performances and seven recordings.


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