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ReverbNation Feature – The Eddy Mann today wasn’t always so secure in who he was. “I was brought up in a faithful home,” he recalls, “but I wandered as young people tend to do, just trying to find my way. It was during that time of searching that I looked in the wrong places for direction, for purpose and for comfort. Eventually the journey brought me back to my faithful roots, and it was there that the pieces started to fall in place.”

Today, Eddy is a musician, songwriter, worship leader, teacher, speaker, coach, husband, and father, but most importantly, he has a love for life and people. Twenty years ago he made a decision to offer his creative gifts to God, and he’s been leading worship for over fifteen years now. He’s released seven CD’s and written countless songs for the church and the world at large. On any weekend you can find him in a coffeehouse, giving a concert, performing at a conference, or leading a worship service.

Eddy picked up a guitar when he was in high school and “it immediately changed my life,” he said. He says he was a painfully quiet child that discovered an unknown confidence in himself through music. “It allowed me to find my voice,” he said. “And a date on Saturday night,” he laughed.

Born and bred in Philadelphia, Eddy grew up listening to all kinds of music. His father was a pianist and his mother shared her culture through songs that she sung to him. “It’s that varied library of music that helps define my genre-defying songs,” he said.

Living The Life
“I live a writer’s life,” he told me. “I find inspiration everywhere and because of that I write on a daily basis. What I see, what I hear, and what I feel often tends to move me in a way that I need to create. Actually, just living life is inspirational in itself.”

Not only is Eddy a musician, he’s a teacher, speaker and coach – which expands his ability to reach new audiences. “I’ve been given a musical platform to share my thoughts,” he said, “and through that experience I’ve been presented with various opportunities to touch others who may be going though difficult or searching times. I trust that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing so I feel confident in allowing those moments to develop and to play my part in them.”

Although he loves what he does, Eddy says his greatest earthly joy is his family. Wife Susan, daughters Ashley and Maddy, recently departed beagle Molly, g-kids Joey, Layla and Lexi and his sponsored children Emerita and Adjoint, are all an inspiration to Eddy and his music.

Discipline Is Key
Although it can be a tough job at times, Eddy feels like his approach helps him stay focused. “I’m naturally a very disciplined person,” he said, “so I normally follow a pretty familiar routine. My day starts with a time of spiritual and physical formation, followed by a period of creativity and instrumental practice. I then allow a few hours to be domestic (which can vary quite a bit from day to day), as in being a husband, father, and homeowner. The afternoons and early evenings are usually dedicated to studio blocks. I always leave an hour or so at the end of the day to relax and reflect before blowing out the candle.” His two recent awards, a 2016 IMEA Award for Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year, and the 2015 Kindred Award for Worship Leader of the Year help remind Eddy that he’s on the right path.

New Music
His new CD, The Consequence, is the follow up to the previous, Dig Love. “The songs continue down the peaceful path of a loving believer, a believer with a child’s mindset where anything is possible,” Eddy told me. “You see even though we may strive to live a loving and compassionate life, we will be challenged at times. Each day’s opportunities and barriers are different, but the power of love is unmatched, and there in lies the journey of the album. Yes, we have dark days, but love will see us through them. I wrote all the songs while supporting the Dig Love album over the past year and a half.”

This is not the first, obviously. Eddy has “a season” of albums that we’re actually written for the church. “They continue to be sung in worship around the world each week,” he said humbly, “but two years ago I found myself being called to reach a different audience. So 2014’s Dig Love was a departure of sorts where my writing was still spirit led, but the settings were more secular friendly. These were songs about everyday life; the trials, the disappointments, along with the blessings.”

2016 – Americana Rhythm Music Magazine

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