Scott Parmer

By Greg Tutwiler
Singer/songwriter Scott Parmer hails from Lancaster, PA. While this lead vocalist/front man is also an established drummer and guitar player, his current pursuit is “becoming a top shelf lyricist and songwriter.” Scott’s original material has been gaining high marks from listeners all across the folk/Americana scene as well as all age ranges. And his opening act credits include regional favorites as well as acts like the nationally know icons of rock, Cheap Trick.
Scott grew up in a house filled with music. He remembers his mom singing with many people comparing her to the late great Patsy Cline. “My older brother sang too,” Scott recalled, “in many of the local popular dance bands while I was growing up. He had an incredible voice a was huge inspiration.”
It wasn’t long before Scott realized that he had the gift of singing as well and began immersing himself into music. His first gig was playing drums and singing at the age of 15. “The drums were a natural for me,” he said. “I was constantly tapping out every song I would hear on the table, dashboard, or just about anything that gave me some percussive response. However, I have always had the desire to create my own sound, and to do so, I had to learn how to play instruments that created some melody.”
Upside Down
So he picked up the guitar and slowly began teaching himself how to play. “Of course I did not realize I had picked up a right-handed guitar and learned to play it upside down,” he mused. “I can’t tell you why, it just felt comfortable that way to me, even though I am not really a true left handed person. Funny thing is I never switched the strings. So to this day, I still draw stares from fans and guitarists when they realize my guitar is not strung traditionally. My strings are upside down,” he said. “I am my own man.”
Scott recalled the first time he got to open for a national act and play some of his original songs. “When we opened for Cheap Trick it was a packed house,” he remembered. “I was playing drums and singing lead in a very talented trio called Tower. When the crowd began to chant, ‘Tower, Tower, Tower, over and over, I was hooked. I knew that I needed to devote the rest of my musical career to composing original songs, perfecting my style and getting my songs out there for the people to hear.”
All Original
Scott just released his new project called Songcatcher. “Funny; when I mixed everything down and was ready to send off for mastering and CD manufacturing, I had 25 songs in the can and ready to go,” he said. “I was very excited. But reality set in pretty quickly, because I didn’t take into account time and size limitations on a CD. I had to make a cut down to about 15 songs to make them fit or else produce a double CD which I really didn’t want to do. It was extremely difficult to decide which songs would make the cut and which ones were going to have to be on a future album.”
Scott said he chose the name Songcatcher because, “it best represents who I am. I bleed music. When I am out and I hear even faint music in the background, my brain kicks into determining what the song is and who the artist is. Thoughts like, ‘Can I play it as a cover, and who in the room is reacting to it,’ race through this music crazy head of mine. I also feel I have a knack for knowing when to play just the right song at just the right time based on mood, atmosphere and emotional state. I could probably make a pretty good living being a top notch DJ, but I can’t bring myself to do so, playing someone else’s music,” he said.
“Quite simply, I now have the undying need to create and perform music. I am consumed by it. I breathe it. It is the essence of my soul. I feel God has blessed me with this gift for a reason. So I am now hell bent on sharing it with as many fans as I can as long as I am capable. I hope that my songs, in both studio and live shows, can bring pleasure to their ears and give them goose bumps.”


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