Before The Song

These days I would describe myself as an amateur farm/country girl because I have moved to the country. Oh yes, it is definitely different out here, gentle and charming if you are not focused on all of the new breed of bugs and wildlife I can hear in the distance that I must use my imagination to get a glimpse of because I’m not going anywhere near them. I am undaunted here with my new country girl bravery. I have learned to scream inside myself at the sight of wasps and bees of all sizes so that I do not disturb the peace that blankets this land. I have learned to run like an Olympic athlete within my mind at the thought of snakes and other slithery things that dwell in this Paradise I have purchased. I have even acquired authentic “muck” boots in case I should happen upon muck in these fields of dreams. In truth, I will tell you what this lovely farm has done for me in these past ten months; it has set my writers spirit on fire trying to capture my feelings about this place. I love it so and want to share all these new experiences through a story put to melody.

One song I am currently working on is something that happened two days ago and struck me profoundly. While sitting outside and enjoying the springtime air with my husband we noticed that our neighbors two horses appeared to be out of the gate. I think horses are gorgeous but they are BIG and I’m just a wee bit nervous around them. So, imagine my panic as I see them trotting my way, into our yard. Rick and I looked a little like a Three Stooges episode as we bolted out of our wicker chairs and start running. Our dogs went on a rampage and were circling the horses, promptly spooking them into action. They galloped into our front yard as we chased the dogs that were chasing the horses. Rick ran to our neighbor’s house to let him know what was happening. Our neighbor came out and fired up his four-wheeler, trying to corral the horses back towards the fence but the horses were not having any of that. I caught my noisiest dog and got him in the house and ran back out just in time to see our neighbor take a sharp turn on the four-wheeler turning it over on himself. My heart just about flew out of my chest as my husband and I got to Mr. Hubert. He is all of 85 years old and I thought it was going to be bad but thankfully it was not. He was laughing as we turned that rig back over. Our neighbors from across the road came to the rescue and between the four-wheeler, two of our dogs, me, Rick and the three from over yonder we drove the beasts back into the pasture in which they live. Never once did I think about snakes or wasps. We were just all working together to help out a neighbor and it felt marvelous. When the horses were snorting behind their fence there was a lot of hand shaking and backslapping and I realized how important community and brotherhood is. Now my challenge is to work this experience into two verses and a chorus. The subject is not unique so I will have to figure out an angle that will make it interesting. The funny thing is, I probably will not talk about horses, four-wheelers or dogs. To me it is all about giving a hand to someone in need. If I get it all written before the next AmericanaRhythm issue I will include the lyric just to let you see what my experience turned out to sound like. Until then, write on!

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