It Don’t Get Any Better

Norm Burnet is no stranger to the music business. Although It Don’t Get Better Than This! is his first studio project in a while, he’s been making professionally since the “pre Garth and Shania heyday.”
normburnetThe Ottawa, Canada based musician has been playing for over 30 years, notching several regional hit songs along the way. “I got the bug when I was nine, playing around with an old guitar my uncle had,” Norm told us recently. As most kinds do in those situations, Norm and some friends eventually formed a band and started playing house parties and school events.
A kid in the mid 60s and 70s, he emulated the bands of that era as he was beginning to develop his own unique style. “Back in those days the radio stations weren’t formulated in any way, so one song could be a Beatles record, and the next one could be Lawrence Welk, and the next one could be Frank Sinatra. So I got exposed to a wide variety of music and realized that it was something I just really enjoyed. But I never thought about the creative process, it just sort of happened.”
Norm said he worked the bar gigs, just like every other musician that wants to make it as a professional. He would always try to sneak in original songs as often as he could get away with it though. Eventually patrons began to recognize his tunes and even request them. “I’ve always been one to create my own opportunities,” Norm said. He used the money he raised doing the club circuit to record his first record, which garnered some pretty serious airplay in Canada, with one single eventually hitting the top five.
After his second CD, Norm took a break from recording, until recently. “I’ve always felt like if you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything,” he said. Well, he’s got got something to say now, and says it quite well on this latest project.

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