Monthly Archives: June 2018

Birthday Bash To Bluegrass Fest

Sam Karr, founder of Sam Jam, says he’s been a fan of Bluegrass music and festivals nearly all his life. “I grew up with my father and his friends all going to Bluegrass festivals, and them taking all their kids along with them,” he recalled recently. “The bands we listened to became some of my favorite groups, and I grew ...

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Banjo Nickaru’s Get Us Out Of Fearland

Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches is led by New York, multi-instrumentalist, Nick Russo. Nick’s band has found a niche with their music, combining elements of country, bluegrass, western swing, rockabilly, blues, Dixieland, jazz, and even traditional folk music. A band who was not long ago noted as having “unfailing high-spirit,” by the London Times, the gang has found a way ...

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