Cary Morin

Public talk radio host Richard Higgs had this to say; “A man and a guitar, a lot of soul, and an understanding of the history of soulful men with guitars in American music can sometimes achieve this kind of timelessness in their work.”

Cary grew up in Montana – started playing piano, and around the age of 11, taught himself how to play guitar. “We lived out in the country, and there were no other kids around, so I had lots of time to mess around with the guitar,” he recalled. “It was a great way to grow up.”
Cary combines Americana, blues, folk, bluegrass, jazz, and reggae, along with his Native American Indian roots to create a genuine and authentic sound. “It’s kind of a big pot of stew from all the different bands I’ve played with over the years,” he said. Cary still plays some of those kinds of music as circumstances allow. “But I really enjoy where my music is at right now as a solo guitar player,” he said.
Although a seasoned musician, Cary says, “I’m constantly learning more about performing and writing songs. I’m so blessed to have had so many years to dedicate to what love.” Carey says his song ideas often come in spurts. “As the thoughts come to me, I jot them down, and then when I get off the road, I can sit down with my guitar down and spend time with them.”
Cary’s new self-produced CD, Tiny Town, is out now. The two-time Colorado Blues Solo Champion says, “I really like the solo guitar approach. There aren’t many guys that do it anymore, but it really fits me right now. I just enjoy that kind of music. I’d like to do one more after this one.”
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